Updates Archive

New updates

We have updated iOS 1.1.3. and Android 1.0.4. Android gameplay is improved and iOS is made ready for iOS 10 along with other improvements and fixes. Read more


With help from our players we have updated the dictionaries to improve the WordCrex experience. Together we make Wordcrex better. Crex it on!! Read more

Update 1.1.1

We added a new update where we fixed and improved the new in-app notifications. Read more

Update 1.1

We have just released update 1.1 and it is available in the app store now! Thanks to all the players for a great start and please keep sending us your comments, tips and requests. A lot of them have been used for the update. Together we make WordCrex the greatest … Read more

WordCrex Countdown

Welcome to WordCrex. Here we will keep you posted about our developments and ongoing improvements. In the meantime. We count down until the iOS release in may 2016. Read more